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Adam Wilson | Art Law | Federal Appellate Law | First Amendment | IP / Intellectual Property | Artist Rights | Federal Practice | Nationwide | Portland Maine | Adam Daley Wilson is an attorney, lawyer, mediator, artist, and public speaker.


for artists, creatives, and creative ventures:

  • I serve as a neutral mediator in art and creative-related disputes and lawsuits. More here.

  • After mediating about 200 small business disputes over the past decade, I now focus my mediation practice on the disputes that artists, creatives, and creative entrepreneurs encounter. This includes musicians, bands, writers, designers, artist-run galleries, arts organizations, artist-curators, creative-run startups, and artist-entrepreneurs.

  • Mediation areas include art law, intellectual property (IP), art / creative-related contracts, disputes involving rights, and rights claims, of artists and creatives; it also includes serving as a neutral mediator for disputes involving artists and all creatives at all stages of their careers in matters involving copyright, trade dress, trade secrets, protection and exploitation of intellectual property, licensing, fair use analysis, appropriation and infringement analysis, public art commissions, artist residencies, free speech, First Amendment, censorship, authentication, moral rights, the disputes that artists and creatives encounter, such as artist-gallery disputes, and the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990.

  • I mediate by telephone and, if it makes sense and the parties agree, certain videoconferencing apps. My mediation practice is national and international in scope; the parties can be anywhere in the world — more here.

  • Generally, $175 / hour per party.  Substantial discounts (up to 50%), applied equally, exist for qualifying parties.  Sliding-scale flat rates are also available, split equally by the parties.

  • I also provide related dispute avoidance services for artists and creatives. More here.