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Adam Wilson | Art Law | Federal Appellate Law | First Amendment | IP / Intellectual Property | Artist Rights | Federal Practice | Nationwide | Portland Maine | Adam Daley Wilson is an attorney, lawyer, mediator, artist, and public speaker.


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for artists, creatives, and creative / media ventures:

  • I also serve as a neutral mediator in art, creative, and media-related disputes and lawsuits, helping artists, creatives, and media / creative startups and non-profits resolve disputes. More here.

  • After mediating about 200 small business disputes and lawsuits over the past decade, I now focus my mediation practice on the disputes that artists, creatives, and media / creative entrepreneurs encounter.

  • My mediation practice can help resolve internal and external disputes for musicians, bands, writers, designers, visual artists, artist-run galleries, arts organizations, artist-curators, creative-run startups, creative non-profits, artist-entrepreneurs, and stage / live performance creatives, including in relation to media development.

  • In addition to substantive areas relevant to the work of artists and creatives, as a mediator I have experience resolving the full range of small-business and consumer issues, both internal and external, that can create disputes and lawsuits.

  • I mediate by telephone using not only my experience but over 150 hours of mediation training on both the East Coast and West Coast. If it makes sense and the parties agree, we use agreed-upon videoconferencing apps. Mediation can occur in one block of time or over a series of sessions.

  • My mediation practice is national and international in scope; the parties can be anywhere in the world, including in the midst of travel — more here.

  • Generally, $225 / hour per party. Equally applied discounts of up to 40% exist for qualifying parties.  Sliding-scale flat rates are also available, split equally by the parties.

  • Finally, to reduce costly and time-consuming disputes in the first place, I also offer dispute avoidance guidance and counseling for artists, creatives, and creative / media entities, both for profit and non-profit. More here.