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Adam Wilson | Art Law | Federal Appellate Law | First Amendment | IP / Intellectual Property | Artist Rights | Federal Practice | Nationwide | Portland Maine | Adam Daley Wilson is an attorney, lawyer, mediator, artist, and public speaker.

art law, media law, and ip law for all creatives

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Recent matters include:

  • Advising a creative startup regarding IP, media law, privacy, and contract issues relating to the conversion of live content to electronic media content and related future distribution;

  • Assisting a visual artist with a media contract and release for the display of multiple artworks on a television set for a prime-time network show;

  • Advising a creative non-profit on IP, media law, licensing, and pending entertainment law issues relating to the conversion of stage performances / live content to pending film production and potential distribution;

  • Preparing IP contracts for a visual artist, including exclusive and non-exclusive copyright issues;

  • Advising an artist-photographer on a corporate licensing deal, including non-exclusive and exclusive issues regarding IP exploitation and copyright issues;

  • Counseling a visual artist to protect the artist’s trade secrets relating to the artist’s unique art process, which utilizes math and other algorithms;

  • Advising an artist-curator regarding IP and copyright issues as both an artist and as a curator;

  • Counseling a digital media / new media artist regarding a moral rights analysis with an art consulting firm;

  • Advising and counseling a fashion model regarding image and privacy rights under a proposed modeling contract;

  • Advising and counseling a painter regarding the resolution of issues with a gallery in a manner that allowed the artist and gallery to successfully preserve their working relationship;

  • Advising an artist regarding the artist’s future art process rights under a teaching contract;

  • Advising a visual artist regarding protection of the artist’s art process trade secrets through use of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and other contractual means.

Serving artists & Creatives, including startups and non-profits.

  • I offer legal services to artists and creatives, including creative startups and non-profits.

  • My clients are at all stages of their careers and development, and they include visual artists, photographers, musicians, bands, writers, designers, artist-run galleries, arts organizations, artist-curators, artist-entrepreneurs. This includes individuals as well as start-up companies and non-profit entities that focus on creative and media endeavors.

My goal as a fellow creative —— I’m both a Stanford Lawyer with 20 years of experience as well as an emerging artist in 12 mediums from oil painting to sound to video —— is to provide other creatives with my top-level legal services at an affordable price —— all from an artist who understands all parts of your creative / legal / business needs.

AFFORDABLE AND Flexible cost:

  • Generally $425 per hour — — with reductions up to 40% for qualifying emerging clients. Let’s chat to find pricing that fits your or your entity’s needs. I am committed to making top-level legal services affordable to all creatives.M


  • Copyright and Intellectual Property (excluding patents and trademarks);

  • Licensing agreements and contracts for art / creative / media transactions, from artist sales to potential film productions;

  • First Amendment, freedom of expression, free speech, censorship, defamation, and libel —— The rights and duties of creatives under the U.S. Constitution;

  • Protecting the IP and business rights of artists and creatives, from the sale and licensing of works to the incorporation of artistic content into podcasts, television, film, and similar;

  • Moral rights of artists and, for visual artists, VARA (the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990);

  • Privacy issues, right of publicity, life story rights, and related issues;

  • Negotiation, drafting, and review and analysis of contracts, agreements, releases, and other documents;

  • Exploitation of intellectual property;

  • Copying, infringement, appropriation, and fair use;

  • Disputes with galleries, agents, and other industry participants;

  • Issues relating to the authentication of artworks;

  • Artist estate preparation, including initial legacy and archive preparation;

  • Issues regarding public commissions, public art, residencies, exhibitions, performances, and art school / design school issues;

  • Other constitutional, statutory, and common law rights of artists and creatives;

  • Dispute prevention, lawsuit avoidance, and the mediation of disputes and lawsuits (known as alternative dispute resolution, or ADR).

  • I also offer litigation strategy, trial strategy, appellate strategy, and related substantive advice for artists and creatives, through their own attorneys, regarding the serious litigation of issues impacting artists and creatives in federal and state courts. For example, this includes cases with significant and/or constitutional law issues, as well as important amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs.

  • Licensed in California, the District of Columbia, and Maine. My disclaimer is here.

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fEDERAL APPELLATE LAW and Complex writing for lawyers

  • Separately, for lawyers and law firms, I offer outsourced freelance writing services — — particularly federal appeals, briefs, motions, and complex legal writing for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms. Details and cost / rates here.

  • My work places an emphasis on complex and difficult legal issues arising under federal statutes, federal common law, intellectual property law, and constitutional law, including questions of first impression at the trial and appellate levels.

  • In certain circumstances, I can offer this service to artists and creatives with first amendment and constitutional law issues, by serving as co-counsel. Please contact me for details.

  • My experience is here and my disclaimer regarding these services is here. Licensed in Maine, California, and the District of Columbia.

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