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1. aRT LAW

Serving artists and creatives:

I offer legal services to artists and creatives of all kinds, at all stages of their careers, including visual artists, photographers, musicians and bands, writers, designers, artist-run galleries, arts organizations, artist-curators, creative-run startups, and artist-entrepreneurs.

My goal as a fellow creative — I’m both a lawyer and an emerging visual and conceptual artist — is to be a top-level lawyer for creatives who is accessible, approachable, and affordable.

Areas include:

Advice regarding art law, intellectual property (IP), and art / creative-related contracts, with an emphasis on protecting the rights of artists and creatives through proactive guidance and advice, problem solving, negotiation, and alternative dispute resolution, including mediation.

Advice to all artists and all creatives at all stages of their careers on matters involving copyright, trade dress, trade secrets, protection and exploitation of intellectual property, licensing, fair use analysis, appropriation and infringement analysis, public art commissions, artist residencies, free speech, First Amendment, censorship, authentication, moral rights, the disputes that artists and creatives encounter, such as artist-gallery disputes, and the Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990.

Advice regarding art law theory, and art as law theory, regarding creative structuring of sales with respect to pricing, secondary markets, equity to artists upon resale, conceptual ownership, and other leading-edge contract structuring for artists and creatives.

Flexible cost:

Generally, $325 / hour with substantial discounts (up to 50%) for qualifying clients (students, emerging artists + creatives, non-profits, early startups, others). Sliding-scale, by-the-project, and flat rates are also available. I offer many pricing options because I’m an emerging artist myself. I get it what it’s like. Let’s chat to find pricing that fits your needs.

Finally, not all questions or issues require legal advice or an attorney-client relationship. Many questions and issues at the intersection of creativity, business, and law are of a more practical nature. For such practical guidance, I also offer a practical guidance rapid response service, with reduced rates, here.

In sum as to art law:

  • I represent artists + creatives:

  • Legal advice and services for all artists + all creatives at all career stages, including emerging artists + creatives who are just starting out.

  • Intellectual property, copyright, fair use, appropriation, and related issues;

  • Artist and artwork legacy / archive planning;

  • Contract review, analysis, negotiation, and drafting;

  • Protection of freedom of expression, free speech, and other artist rights, including moral rights;

  • Issues regarding public commissions, residencies, exhibitions, performances, and art schools / design schools (such as contractual, IP, and censorship);

  • Other constitutional, statutory, and common law rights of artists + creatives;

  • Dispute prevention / avoidance and the mediation of disputes and lawsuits (alternative dispute resolution, or ADR).

  • Separately, I offer practical guidance services to artists + creatives regarding questions and issues at the intersection of art, law, and business. More here.

  • Recent work in these general areas has involved general IP and copyright advice for an artist / curator; moral rights analysis with an art consulting firm regarding an artist’s moral rights; and protection strategies for an artist’s unique math-based art process.

  • FAQs about art law are here.

2. fEDERAL APPELLATE LAW and writing for lawyers

Serving Lawyers and Law Firms in All Practice Areas:

  • For all lawyers: Federal work product — appeals, briefs, motions, and legal writing for lawyers, attorneys, and law firms. Details and cost / rates here.

  • A particular emphasis on the most complex and difficult issues arising under federal statutes, federal common law, intellectual property law, and constitutional law, including questions of first impression at the trial and appellate levels.

Serving Lawyers of Artists + Creatives:

  • Litigation and appellate strategy and consulting services for artists and creatives, through their attorneys, regarding trial level or appellate level litigation strategy in federal and state courts.

  • Examples include writing and advising on key litigation motions, briefs, appeals, amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs, and settlement strategy in trial and ADR contexts.

  • A particular emphasis on the most complex and difficult issues arising under federal statutes, federal common law, intellectual property law, and constitutional law, including questions of first impression at the trial and appellate level.


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